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For Candidates

How Dynamic Women works

Want to find your DREAM job

at the fraction of a cost?
1. Register as a Candidate

Register as a Candidate to upload your resume and find your dream job.

2. Request resumé upload

Request the upload of your resume. You can do that either through our website or you can Email us directly using this email: info@dynamicwomen.co.za and one of our representatives will be in contact with you. An Interview date will be scheduled with our next available consultant, payment arrangement will be made, and your CV will be uploaded to be seen by Major companies looking for employment.

3. Come for an Interview

Dynamic Women pre-screens all Candidates before a resume is uploaded, purely for quality and safety service to our clients. Thus you will be contacted with a date and time of your interview with Dynamic Women, as well as payment arrangements.

Dynamic Women charges a once off admin fee to upload all resumés for lifelong access to our database.


For Employers

1. Register as an Employer

Register as an Employer to start searching for Candidates and arranging interviews.

Profile of smiling business people, handshake at the office.
2. Search for a Candidate

Search for the appropriate Candidate, review their resumes, view their rating and connect with the Candidate personally.

3. Interview the Candidate

Connect with the Ideal Candidate via Interview and appoint your dream Employee in a matter of days. The process is simple.

Profile of smiling business people, handshake at the office.

Let us

Work together!
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