We are Located in our office space in The Work Space, The Club Retail, Hazelwood, Pretoria.

Upon arriving, use the lifts/stairs to go to the second floor (the floor above all the restaurants), you will see The Work Space at the end of the hall.

Our Clients can contact us via E-mail, Telephone or via our website. One of our representative will contact you, or stay in contact with you while tending to your needs.

Contact us here:

  • dynamicwomenmail@gmail.com
  • Call 072 867 8476
  • visit our website www.dynamicwomen.co.za

Depending on your resume content, level of education and skills, those factors will implicate how many views you get.

With dynamic Women you can do our Training courses to better your skill sets and also make your chances  of being seen by an employer greater.

We offer the following training:

Dynamic Receptionist

Dynamic Secretary

Dynamic Personal assistant

Yes, All Resumé’s will be kept up to date. Simply request a new resumé upload, and we will update your resumé.

If you do one of our courses, and your resumé is uploaded onto our website, we will automatically update your resumé upon course completion.


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