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Here at Dynamic Women we have two missions.

Our mission is to help Employers source and hire the most qualified professionals in a selected industry and highly skilled occupations, and to help our Candidates find the best job opportunities in their respective fields and further their careers to reach success.

Dynamic Women also Empowers women of South Africa to reach their desired goals and to reach success in the career path. We offer World Class Training to better their skills, making the possibility of being hired and finding their dream occupation a reality.
Our mission is simple:
-Connect South African Women with top professionals to make them more productive and successful in their careers.
-Help them better their skills with the needed training at affordable prices, and help them climb the ladder of success.

-We help South African Women find better occupations and high quality Education in their Home Country .
-Dynamic Women do not only succeed at work, but in life.

-We are Empowered through Training.
Confident young businesswoman

World Class Training

All in one Place

We offer world class training to empower the women of South Africa all in one place, and that's at Dynamic Women Headquarters.

Our Mission at


We need to EMPOWER the women of
South Africa, to ensure a better future and lifestyle for our country's Angels.

At Dynamic Women, we call our employees “Dream Makers” because everyone here works for the ultimate purpose. To make dreams come true for the Women in South Africa!


Hello Dynamic Women, my name is Elandi van den Berg.
(Co-director, Developer and world class Educator at Dynamic Women.)

I'm here to make your corporate dreams come true and guide you all the way to reach your full potential.
As Leader of a driven and motivated Woman Empowerment company in South Africa, I will give my all to keep my Candidates and Customers satisfied with world class service.

Join me to Empower the women of South Africa through training.

Let us


We are Located here:

The Workspace, The Club Retail, Shop 201, Cnr 18th & Pinaster Ave, Hazelwood

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