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Helping You Shape & Forge Your Future Through Training…

Women Empowerment and Training Solutions

Dynamic women offers quality services exclusively to women, to empower, motivate and uplift the women in South Africa.

Dynamic Women Courses

We offer World Class Training to better women’s corporate skills, making the possibility of being hired and finding their dream occupation a reality.

Corporate Training

Empower your female employees to be better qualified in their occupation, and close the skills gap in the corporate environment.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Dynamic Women is a women empowerment company based in South Africa. We empower women to reach their desired goals and to reach success in the career path. We offer World Class Training to better their skills, making the possibility of being hired (with our Recruitment services) and finding their dream occupation a reality.

Our Mission

Connect women with professionals to make them more productive and successful in their careers.

Help women to better their skills with the needed training at affordable prices

Help South African Women find better occupations and high quality Education in their Home Country.

Help women and companies climb the ladder of success.

Our Courses

Dynamic Receptionist

Become a fully qualified Receptionist in 3 courses. 

Dynamic Secretary

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Dynamic Personal Assistant

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This is our entry-level Course where all the basic principles will be outlined. All courses start at this level.

Presented in

3 Levels


This course is the intermediate course we’re duties are explained in depth. Microsoft office training is also included in this course.



This level of our courses are the executive courses, as it outlines all topics and duties in detail.

What sets us apart...

We are Innovative and creative in our new teaching methods, making it more interactive and enjoyable for our attendees, yet highly educational and of supreme quality.

Our training specialists motivates, inspires and leads all Dynamic Women to their success.






Faith Motsepe

“Very professional and Inspiring. Friendly and inspiring staff to help you through the training process.”


Carabo Mphosele

“Such an honor to be a part of this Empowerment program. Will definitely recommend  it.”


Lebo Nkosi

“Loved every moment of it, now I am officially qualified for the job I want.”

Dynamic Women Blog

What is Women Empowerment

What is Women Empowerment

“Empowering women is key to building a future we want”. group of happy african university students closeup Women empowerment is a powerful tool for any woman looking to improve herself and also the nation. It a process of self-improvement, self-love, self-discovery...

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How to employ the perfect candidate

How to employ the perfect candidate

The struggle is real for young professionals to find jobs (We get it!) but the struggle is even more real for an employer to find the right candidate fit for the job opening. It takes a good load of careful consideration and risk-taking to employ a new employee in...

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